Saturday, 26 April 2014

sweet music and good evening

I thought i'll write sth here.
Maybe i could write about the movie i saw last monday "Eroica"because it was/it is an important and even unusual way to tell about war/polish pride/myths etc.

Or maybe about music, as polish music is being more and more intersting. I'm listening to BOKKA now and it's a pleasure. Like "town of strangers"for example:
rain drops shine with gold end so on.

But the greatest pleasure for me is the song Love letters of Metronomy. Maybe i could even say "i'm loving it".  Even in the car i had problems with this evening.

But i won't write about time we spent today in the car, in the evening, Friday evening...,with pizza (frozen pizza) inside.

And i won't write about "psicomotricidad fina"i tym podobne, things i have to translate now.
Yes, i should come back to my translation. But it was nice to meet you, my blog and anyone who had read it.
See you!